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Quantum Leap Is Live!

Thank you for your support! The movie is live(and has been for a week), just forgot to update the blog. It’s been a fury of activity since we’ve launched the movie. In less than 7 days the movie’s gotten up to 26,000 views! Thank you! We’re aiming to hit 100,000 views by the end of […]

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Quantum Leap Going Live This Thursday!

Hey guys, Thank you for your overwhelming support in anticipation of the release of “Quantum Leap”, the feature length documentary film. I’m very happy to announce we finally have a confirmed launch date, this Thursday, January 28th, at 7AM EST the movie will be live and available for worldwide free screening. I’ve received a mountain […]

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The Quantum Leap Trailer is Here

Hey guys, I’ve been so busy with the pre-launch preparations of the movie that I forgot to put the link to the trailer on my blog last week, although many of you have already seen it from my email updates. Here’s the trailer, the movie should be out next week(keeping fingers crossed), please sign up […]

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Leaving Water Liberty, and Exciting News About “Quantum Leap” Documentary…

Hey guys, I have some very important and exciting news for you in this video. My team and I have been very busy for the past 6 months producing a feature length documentary film called “Quantum Leap,” it’s a film that will shake up and change many people’s lives(for the better) in 2016. Also, I […]

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How To Bust Loose From “the Matrix” – Awesome Interview with Rebecca Tzigany

Hope you enjoyed this video, it’s a topic that’s very close to my heart and I enjoyed sharing this with you, I hope it inspired you to do whatever may be the “next step” in your life to move towards freedom, and leaving old paradigm living behind. If you’d like more information on Rebecca and […]

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